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– Shweta Dange CEO & Founder Travel Vista World

Vaccination is the main focus in recent times. A new upcoming travel trend has been in the air – Vaccine Tourism. The tourism industry suffered the brunt due to the Pandemic with internationals borders sealed for tourism and traveling came to a standstill. Every country is in Tourism revival mode and midst of this we are witnessing this new concept – Vaccine Tourism.

What is Vaccine Tourism?

Vaccine Tourism is all about taking a vacation overseas with a goal to get your vaccine jab along with tourism. Vaccine Tourism basically emerged in countries due to Vaccine shortfall. Many tourists will find this remarkable to opt for Vaccine in another country.

Countries promoting Vaccine Tourism

Russia is the trending destination for Vaccine Tourism as Sputnik V being a Russian Vaccination. Russia seems to be an ideal destination for Indians to travel for Vaccine. It’s said that getting a vaccine in Moscow is like taking candy from a baby and that one could just walk in at a shopping mall and get a vaccine jab by presenting their passport and registration slip.

Vaccine Tour Package Inclusions – As per the recently launched 23 Nights Vaccine Tour Package by Dubai based company that includes your 2 doses of the Sputnik V Vaccine with Certificate, Delhi-Moscow-Delhi air tickets, hotel stay in Petersburg and Moscow, Meals, and sightseeing which costs about 1.3 Lakhs onwards excluding Visa Fees. There seems to be a 20 days interval between the jab. Tourists might find this lucrative offer to grab.

Visa restrictions

Russia visa application center has confirmed “Indian citizens can apply for any type of visa to Russia at the moment and the visa center in New Delhi is fully operational to accept Visa Application. Indian passport holders can travel to Russia with no restriction.

Is it legal and ethical to fly out for COVID-19 shots?

There is no rule laid down by the Indian Government at the moment regarding Vaccine Tourism. Logistics and plans have to be yet worked out by both governments. There is still a lot of concern over Vaccine Tourism. There seems to be no official announcement by the Russian Government regarding the Vaccine shots to Indians tourists.

Review Before you book a Vaccine Tour
  • No Vaccine tours booked within India as on date.
  • Due to the Current Situation, Visa Rules and Flight Status are uncertain.
  • Tourists should wait till the first group returns from a Vaccine Vacation.
  • Countries might lay down Medical Insurance norms for Tourists.
  • Wait for the official arrangement to get promised service.
  • Tourists are advised to tread with caution at the moment.
  • There is no clarity on Vaccine Tourism for Indians in Russia.
Should India promote Vaccine Vacation within India?

India should promote Vaccine Tourism within the country as this scheme appears to have a future in India. Indian citizens will embrace this concept and tourism will get a boost. This will be a stepping stone to restart tourism within the country. The country should lay down certain rules for every state so that locals are not devoid of Vaccines. Priority should be given to locals. As of date, no rule in India stops anyone from getting vaccinated anywhere in the country. Growing demand for vaccine tourism might come up fast in India.

It is advisable to check with your Travel Advisor before embarking on any Indian or overseas trip at the moment.

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