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– Shweta Dange CEO & Founder Travel Vista World

In this upcoming era, technology for touchless travel will be the highlight considering the safety of traveller. Mobile-enabled self-service experience will be new generation platforms. Touchless travel will be the need of future as automated, contactless and self-service technology creates a “social distancing-friendly” passenger experience. Mobile devices and apps, will have a crucial role to play in the industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Airports have implemented low-touch airport experience with sensor-based scanners. Face Recognition Technology with digital identity and health cards stored on phones will facilitate safe and touchless journeys in future. Few International Airports have adopted robotics technology for thermal screening.

Hotels will also enter into Touchless New World with implementation of Touchless biometrics. Mobile enabled self-check in. Hotels will adapt Smart room technology like WIFI enabled light switches operated through Alexa or Google Home to turn on the lights, close the drapes, adjust the room temperature, select entertainment programs and even order room service using their own smartphone or simply by voice commands. Smart room technology offers an elevated level of convenience for modern travellers by touchless experience which will make guests feel safer in this COVID-19 era.

Travel Company will also adapt touchless technology with digital marketing strategies, virtual interactions with clients, issuing E vouchers & E Tickets, timely updates to clients on travel restrictions. Offices will follow safety measures and social distancing for walk ins. Travel Planners will be the need of future holidays considering latest information, timely updates and restrictions of every country, product expertise and accurate guidance to make holiday hassle free.

Sightseeing places will use smartphone enabled with GPS-powered audio tours technology which will help you travel interpret information of sightseeing place and its significance or history. Technology will move towards audio tours or self-guided tours.

Touchless Currency Exchange will be the need of era. App based ‘Currency Exchange – touchless currency exchange platform where guest transact currency online with doorstep safe and secure delivery or Forex Cards will be the future post Covid 19.

All travellers will expect higher standards to ensure their well-being and digital tools will enable and expand existing “no touch” options. The key factors will be Health, Safety, Hygiene, Quality and Value. “Good value for good money will be the new mantra” travel will bounce back soon in a safer and healthy environment with more discipline.

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