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– Shweta Dange CEO & Founder Travel Vista World

WHEN WILL WE TRAVEL AGAIN? The million-dollar question. Tourism is at a crossroads and the measures taken today will shape the tourism of tomorrow. Yes, we will see the dawn in near future. The worst-hit Travel Industry is still in recovery mode, we see travel recuperating gradually – starting with local tourism, moving towards domestic, and last but not the least international travel. After all, travel is influenced by factors such as economical viability for carriers, entry requirements of various countries, vaccination, etc.

WILL 2022 BE THE YEAR OF TRAVEL?  Leisure Tourism will see brighter days in the coming year 2022 with most countries rebuilding tourism and developing plans to revive the tourism sector. After being home for more than a year even tourists looking forward to traveling and explore and countries are working on restoring traveler confidence to get back in Travel Mode.

WILL VACCINATION DRIVE BOOST TOURISM? The news on vaccines has given a ray of hope in supporting the tourism industry. With countries running successful vaccination drives tourism will see the new dawn soon. Vaccination Travel is a new trend in few countries where tourists are traveling to get a vaccine jab along with touring the country. A vaccine passport will be the upcoming document required for tourism.

WILL THERE BE TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS IN FUTURE ?? The crisis has given us an chance to rethink on tourism protocols with safety and health as a priority. Travel restriction will be mere and will vary from country to country. Vaccine certificates will be mandatory to travel in future. RT PCR Test might become the new normal of tourism. Every state and country will lay down minimal hassle free travel restriction from travellors safety and building more resilient and sustainable tourism.

WILL TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE BE THE UPCOMING MANDATE? Post Pandemic health will play a vital role, travel insurance including Covid plans should be in place. With the lingering risk of infection travellers will need access to healthcare networks in foreign countries. Insurance companies should have a App based technology for hassle free pre approvals, payments, claims, deductibles if any. Choosing the appropriate Travel Insurance plan will be play a key role in future tourism.

WILL YOU NEED A TRAVEL ADVISORS? Just like you need a CA to manage your finances you will need a Personal Travel Advisors during every moment of your vacation. With upcoming restrictions, changes, cancellations, emergencies on tour travellers are seeking professional travel advisors for clear information on what is safe, expert consultation on what is open, recommendation on hotels with enhanced hygiene measures. Friendly Travel Advisor can act as an Advocate for travellers in assisting travellers make informed decisions and provide timely updates during or after their trip. Travel Advisors have become more valuable in limiting uncertainty. Time to choose your Personal Travel Advisor!!!

Once everything has “normalized,” after the long coronavirus lockdown, we all need a vacation with our loved ones – ofcourse we’ll need to be vigilant.

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